Meghrigian Institute of AUA School of Public Health Focuses on Vision Related Quality of Life

Eye examinations among patients who underwent cataract surgery at Sevan Regional Ophthalmic Unit in Gegharkunik marz 

This year Garo Meghrigian Institute for Preventive Ophthalmology (Meghrigian Institute) of the AUA School of Public Health celebrated the World Sight Day by launching the project “Visual impairment and vision – related quality of life among patients with cataract surgery in Sevan Regional Ophthalmic Unit, Gegharkunik marz” in October.  The project includes free eye screenings among patients who underwent cataract surgery at the ophthalmic clinic in Sevan, Gegharkunik, and assessment of their vision-related outcomes and quality of life. On the first day of screenings the team of Meghrigian Institute examined 23 patients in Sevan.  The project is covering several towns in Gegharkunik marz (Sevan, Gavar, Martuni, Vardenis, and Tchambarak) and other cities in Armenia, including Hrazdan, Charentsavan, and Yerevan. The project will target about 461 people by the end of December 2014.

World Sight Day (WSD) is an annual day of awareness to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. This year, the “call to action” for World Sight Day has been “No more avoidable blindness”.  Since 1999, Meghrigian Institute has focused on eliminating preventable blindness in Armenia.  The Institute has been involved in promoting World Sight Day through a number of activities, including eye screenings among socially vulnerable children and older population living in retirement homes and border villages; delivering educational programs to ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses, endocrinologists and primary care providers; and donating ophthalmic equipment to ophthalmic offices of primary care facilities in Gegharkunik marz.

The AUA School of Public Health works actively to improve the health of the populace and health services in Armenia and the region through interdisciplinary education and development of public health professionals and others to be leaders in public health, health services research and evaluation, and health care delivery and management.

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