Meghrigian Institute Visits Mary Ismirlyan Orphanage

In June-July 2012, Garo Meghrigian Institute for Preventive Ophthalmology (Meghrigian Institute) of the College of Health Sciences continued its annual eye screenings among socially vulnerable and orphaned children.  This time it went to Mary Ismirlyan Orphanage. It currently serves 90 children. Sixty six children were available for detailed eye screening. Among them, 23 children were found to suffer from different types of refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Twelve children were prescribed eye glasses which were distributed to them for free by Meghrigian Institute. Forty-four children were diagnosed with more serious eye conditions such as infections, allergic conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, amblyopia, retinal dystrophy, blefaritis and eyelid chalasion. All children with eye diseases received medical assistance from Meghrigian Institute.

The next stop will be at Kharberd Specialized Orphanage.

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