National Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Program

(A two year project in partnership with UCLA Promise Health Initiative, Ministry of Health, National Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Funding Agency: UCLA Promise Health Initiative

PI: Varduhi Petrosyan, PhD and Co-PI Lusine Musheghyan, MPH


The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, through its Promise Health Initiative, in collaboration with SPH’s CHSR and the Ministry of Health of Armenia, developed and implemented a National Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Program for the Republic of Armenia, to enhance the capacity and surge capability of the existing system and enable effective and efficient monitoring and control of COVID-19 transmission.

Armenia has been experiencing a shortage of organizational capacity to fully implement COVID-19 case investigation and contact tracing due to widespread community transmission. Therefore, the goal of the project is to support national efforts by strengthening the case investigation and contact tracing system for COVID-19 in Armenia. A key feature of the project is to expand the human resource capacities of COVID-19 case investigators and contact tracers through organizing continuous professional development trainings based on the COVID-19 Virtual Training Academy model developed by UCLA and UCSF in partnership with the California Department of Public Health. In addition, the project made efforts to raise the awareness of the population on the benefits of preventive measures for pandemic control. As part of this initiative, the UCLA and AUA teams have been working closely with the RA Ministry of Health and NCDC to support the establishment of a Call Center and a Public Health Emergency Operations Center. The program helps raise public awareness on COVID-19 and preventive measures and ultimately addresses the overall current and future public health needs of the country.