Understanding Policymakers’ Perspectives

Kimberly1thOn April 30, AUA’s College of Health Sciences organized a Public Lecture “Understanding Policymakers’ Perspectives: A Critical Factor in Promoting Reproductive Health Development in Ukraine” by Kimberly Waller within the CHS Public Health Seminars Series.

Ms. Waller presented results of the research study exploring views and perspectives of international donors and Ukrainian policymakers regarding social constructions and cultural meanings of reproductive health. “I found this research experience enriching and learned from the Ukrainian policymaker participants the importance of understanding local values and the political-economic context of a particular situation” mentioned Ms. Waller at the end of her presentation.

She discussed her research as a Doctoral Candidate with the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Ms. Waller has over fourteen years of experience as a manager, researcher and program coordinator Kimberly2thfor international and U.S. public health programs. She has engaged in health development work for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, Zambia, and Indonesia. Currently she is serving as the Health Team Leader in USAID/Armenia. Prior to this, Ms. Waller conducted research in women’s health and clinical care funded by the National Science Foundation in Puebla, Mexico. Ms. Waller has taught a number of classes in the U.S. as an Adjunct Faculty member of both the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Salem State University.

AUA students and alumni and other members of the Public Health community attended the lecture.