RA Deputy Minister of Health Sergey Khachatryan Meets with AUA MPH Students and Alumni

SKH1On December 9, 2011, the College of Health Sciences hosted Dr. Sergey Khachatryan, RA Deputy Minister of Health, for a seminar on “The Current State of the Armenian Healthcare System.” Dr. Khachatryan presented the Armenian system and talked about challenges and successes of the current health reforms. The seminar was very interactive; AUA MPH students and alumni, CHS faculty and researchers asked many questions and shared their views in a frank dialogue with the Deputy Minister. At the end of the seminar Dr. Khachatryan encouraged AUA MPH students and alumni to apply for employment and internship opportunities in the Ministry of Health. He noted that the Ministry needs a competent public health workforce, particularly for evidence-based health policy development in the country. MPH students and alumni excitedly continued their discussion with the Deputy Minister Khachatryan andSKH3 Head of the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health Dr. Alexander Bazarchyan during the reception following the seminar.

Dr. Khachatryan was a Senior Specialist in the Health Policy Unit of the Ministry of Health from 1998 to 2000. From 2000-2010, he was the Director of the Health Projects Implementation Unit. In 2010, Dr. Khachatryan was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Health. He participates in health policy development, health system reforms, and expansion of international collaboration. Dr. Khachatryan leads the World Bank supported projects, the Global Fund financed projects, active collaboration with USAID and other international donor organizations. He has multiple publications on neurophysiology, urology, and public health.