FCTC “Building NGOs Monitoring Capacities to Support FCTC Implementation in Armenia”

Timeframe: June 1, 2008 – May 31, 2010

Funding agency: American Cancer Society, Cancer Research UK, and the Framework Convention Alliance.
The goal of the project is to build monitoring capacities of non-governmental organizations involved in tobacco control in Armenia through an interactive training seminar and field work.

The CHSR/AUA has completed the implementation of the two-year project entitled “Building NGOs monitoring capacities to support FCTC implementation in Armenia”.  The second year of the project has marked with efforts to achieve higher compliance with smoke-free legislation in Armenia, included smoke-free policy monitoring in Yerevan, Vanadzor and Gyumri.  Based on monitoring results, the CHSR/AUA team organized a series of round table discussions with government and local authorities, administrators of educational, cultural and health facilities, as well as representatives of local non-governmental organizations.  These events were well covered by national and local TV channels and print media to reflect on the achievements and shortcomings of tobacco control policy implementation in Armenia. Selected smoke free worksites received a Prize from the Coalition for Tobacco Free Armenia and CHSR, a Smoke-Free Flag with a Certificate of Achievement for their success in maintaining a smoke-free worksite. Those facilities that failed in maintaining a smoke-free worksite were provided a symbolic ashtray covered by a cap with a no-smoking sign such that no smoker could use the ashtray. This memento was designed to motivate them to become smoke-free. The Awards Ceremony aimed to support and promote establishment of smoke-free worksites in Armenia.

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