Public Health Services Assessment and Restructuring

In collaboration with the MOH and WHO Country Office the CHSR conducted a comprehensive Assessment of PH Services in Armenia.  The objectives of this project included:

  • To map out and analyse the current public health services, to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to design a detailed strategy and plan for the reform and modernization of the PH services and for further integration of disease prevention and health promotion services at the primary health care level.
  • To review the international evidence and to build up a modern understanding of public health services (definition, scope, boundaries, domains, areas, operations, services, players, integrative approaches, etc.);
  • To learn about relevant experience and lessons learned from other European countries for improving the public health services of the health system;
  • To discuss and agree on the policy options for reforming, streamlining, modernizing and upgrading the individual and population-based public health services.

The preliminary findings were presented at a National MOH-WHO seminar in June 2009. The copy of the report was shared with the Prime Minister of Armenia. CHSR translated it into Armenian. Currently CHSR works closely with the MOH to finalize the report.

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