18-05-2011 – Tatul Hakobyan – AUA MPH and MBA Alumnus is now in the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe

Tatul Hakobyan, MPH, MBA has been appointed to the position of Public Health Advisor in the WHO Regional Office for Europe. He is responsible for management and implementation of public health projects in coordination with national authorities and WHO respective technical units, will follow up, monitor and evaluate implementation of health system reforms related to improved delivery of public health services at specific country and multi-country levels. In this new position Dr. Hakobyan will be promoting the advancement of public health functions and services, capacity, infrastructure and execution in the countries of the European Region.
After graduating from AUA he made an outstanding career from Senior Specialist to Deputy Minister of Health, and now goes international. Before departing for Copenhagen, Dr. Hakobyan acknowledged how he was shaped as a public health professional by his professors and classmates while studying at AUA, by his colleagues and friends while working for many international organizations and the Ministry of Health and by counterparts while cooperating with many UN agencies and other international and local organizations.

Tatul Hakobyan sets a standard challenging our graduates to achieve more and to make a greater impact for people in Armenia and for people everywhere.


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