How to Be a Super Student: Presentation for RN-to-BSN Students

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YEREVAN, Armenia — On October 31, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program of the American University of Armenia (AUA) Turpanjian College of Health Sciences (CHS) hosted a developmental event. The event featured a presentation by Dr. Brent A. Anders, author of the book How to Be a Super Student: Based on Science and Experience, and director of the AUA Office of Institutional Research and Assessment and Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). His presentation covered segments from his book specially geared to currently enrolled RN-to-BSN (registered nurse to BSN) students.

Dr. Anders touched upon key concepts that students need to be their best and achieve academic success. He presented these concepts using a superhero theme that depicted each skill as a superpower. The concepts and superpowers he explained included those about being organized (“super speed powers”), studying properly (“super mind-control powers”), and seeking help (“super-vision powers”). These specific student concepts were selected by the BSN program’s leadership to help develop their current students’ study skills.

“I see students in general as superheroes because they work hard in order to become future leaders and solve the world’s problems. Given the special job they perform, our nursing students are real superheroes. Most of these students have jobs and families, so I tried to present information that would be specifically relevant to their learning situations,” remarked Dr. Anders after the presentation.

The hour-long event provided many helpful tips and suggestions to students, all derived from Dr. Anders’ book, which is available to students both as paperback and eBook from AUA’s AGBU Papazian library.

During the session, participants discussed different ways of saving time by improving their organizational skills, as well as developing time management skills to juggle multiple activities. Dr. Anders then presented research-based ways of improving studying, recommending to the students use of the distributed practice learning strategy (repeated, spaced-out practice/testing). He also enumerated the resources available to AUA students, including the AGBU Papazian library, the Math and Writing Center , as well as AUA counseling services, emphasizing the importance of reaching out for assistance early in order to ensure academic success and not resort to violations of academic integrity.

A question-and-answer session followed, during which the students pressed Dr. Anders for even more tips and ideas on how to improve. Topics discussed dealt with the importance of sleep and good sleeping habits, such as keeping phones away or switched off during bedtime; enhanced note taking techniques by only writing down key concepts and drawing diagrams, figures, and mind-maps whenever possible to better visualize the material covered; comparing notes with peers after class; and forming study groups when needed. At the end, Dr. Anders distributed handouts with additional tips on test-taking and information about available online resources/apps.

BSN Program Chair, Associate Professor Dr. Nour Alayan, noted, “The session was extremely motivational for our students. The nurses were very engaged and embraced the study and time management tips Dr. Anders shared with them. Immediately following the session, some students started creating their own schedules, others reflected on how they can reorganize their homes. The event was undoubtedly beneficial for everyone.”

Dr. Anders is currently working on creating a workbook to accompany his book, making it easier for students to master the concepts and implement the numerous tips and suggestions to ensure success.

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