Epidemiology and Intervention Research for Tobacco Control in Armenia (FAMRI Center of Excellence in Translational Research at Johns Hopkins)

In 2008-2009, CHSR has collaborated with Johns Hopkins Institute for Global Tobacco Control (JH IGTC) on a three-year research grant project, aimed at reducing the SHS exposure in Armenia.  The first phase of the project included a demonstration project in selected worksites in Yerevan (two hospitals and two universities).  CHSR implemented a series of intervention activities to reduce the Second Hand Smoke (SHS) at the National Oncology Center and Armenian State Pedagogical University and evaluated the effectiveness of the intervention through baseline and follow up surveys and air measurements in the intervention and control sites.  In 2009, CHSR worked closely with IGTC to develop the protocol of the clinical trial to reduce SHS exposure in homes and submitted IRB applications to JHU and AUA IRBs.  The Center for Excellence for Tobacco Control Research and Advocacy will be established in the third year of the project in collaboration with the JH IGTC to train collaborators in neighboring countries on the protocols developed in the demonstration project and the clinical trial.

CHSR and IGTC colleagues developed and presented several poster presentations based on this project in different international conferences.

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