16-05-2012 – The History of Nursing in the United States

In celebration of the International Nurses Day, the College of Health Sciences of the American University of Armenia, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States in Armenia, organized a seminar on nursing. Jill Barnes, Medical Attaché of the US Embassy presented the history of the nursing profession in the US.  The timeline covered from middle ages to our days to describe the social, technologic, educational and legislative changes that occurred in nursing to bring the profession to the point where it is today in the US. “It was a pleasure to have so many students attending the lecture about nursing history.  Nurses are a vital part of health care delivery around the globe.  In Armenia, I would like to see more nurses pursuing advanced academic degrees and being active in professional societies that would advance the profession here. They have so much to offer,” concluded Jill Barnes.

Jill Barnes is a Nurse Practitioner, certified in both Pediatrics and Family Practice. Prior to coming to the Foreign Service, she worked for 12 years in Alaska and for 9 years with the United States Air Force. She is a graduate of Mercy College of Detroit, University of Michigan and State University of New York at Stony Brook. Her special interest is Allergy and Immunology and she is a Certified Asthma Educator.

AUA students, researchers, and faculty, and students and representatives of nursing colleges in Yerevan attended the seminar.

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